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(Pleurotus Ostreatus) - Black Pearl Oyster  - also know as Shimofuri (Black Marbled)

Amazing Black Pearl colour.  Prefers cooler temperatures similar to King Oyster

The Black Pearl Oyster or Black Pearl King Oyster is a oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) hybrid from Japan.

It is the result of a cross between a European and an Asian Pleurotus ostreatus. It grows and looks much like Pleurotus eryngii (King Oyster) in the beginning as it matures it will look more like a Pleurotus ostreatus (Pearl Oyster). Black Pearl Kings are less finicky than Pleurotus eryngii, and are able to grow very well indoors. Grows on the same substrates as pearl or king oysters such as masters mix or hardwood sawdust (HWFP). It is a fast substrate colonizer that fruits dense, meaty mushrooms.

Type: choice edible, medicinal usage and compounds, research

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Ready-to-grow mushroom kit:  YouTube video

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The oyster mushroom is frequently used in Japanese, Korean and Chinese cookery as a delicacy: it is frequently served on its own, in soups, stuffed, or in stir-fry recipes with soy sauce.

Oyster mushrooms are sometimes made into a sauce, used in Asian cooking, which is similar to oyster sauce. The mushroom's taste has been described as a mild with a slight odor similar to anise. The oyster mushroom is best when picked young


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