SOLD OUT - Ecosoya CB - Advanced Soy Wax 20kg Box - SOLD OUT

  •  SOLD OUT - Ecosoya CB - Advanced Soy Wax  20kg Box  - SOLD OUT
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Melt Point: 43c
Pour Temperature: 65
Max Fragrance: 10%
Description: Ecosoya Advanced Container Blend is simply the best soy container wax on the market today. It's designed to eliminate 'frosting', surface colour changing and imperfections on the surface. It produces smooth creamy appearances and can be poured over a wider range of temperatures with good results. It has a very long shelf life with candles over 5 years old still stable. This is one of the big differences between Ecosoya soy wax and other soy waxes on the market. Ecosoya is for the candle manufacturer that wants the best result and piece of mind to know their candle will be stable and last. Other cheaper soy waxes available are perhaps better suited to the home hobbiest. Most of the large manufacturers use this wax and this is the wax we recommend.

Determining the Optimal Melting and Pouring Temperatures
You should firstly, melt the wax up to and between 70-80 degress Celsius this will also vary depending on your pouring temperature. The wax has a pouring temp between 50-70 degrees Celsius. We suggest doing a few small tests pouring in 5 degree increments starting with 50, 55, 60, 65 degrees Celsius. This way you will be able to work out what is working best for the room and conditions you are in. You should add any fragrance and colour about 10 degrees hotter then what you are planning to pour at and gently stir everything together. We recommend a fragrance loading between 8-10%. The best way to achieve this is to add the fragrance by weight. Therefore for every 100 grams of wax we recommend using between 8 and 10 grams of fragrance. See below for essential oils.

Please note:
Whilst some Essential oils may perform reasonably in candles, we do not recommend their use. The flash point, especially in Citrus type essential oils, is quiet low and with an ignition source a candle can easily catch on fire. Essential oils do tend to work quiet well in 'melts' whereby the heat source is coming from the tealight and not from the direct flame of the wick. For candle making we recommend using Fragrance Oils only as they are much safer and designed for candles with a much larger variety. All essential oils due to their raw nature may discolour the wax. If essential oils are to be used in a candle application, please test in small quantities first and increase the ratio gradually to no more than 6%, being mindful of the high flammability of the raw material. As advised before, we do not recommend the use of essential oils in candles. Note: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the wax may arrive in either solid block form or it may be flaked.

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