Mushroom Growing Kits - The Power of Mushrooms

Mushroom Growing Kits - The Power of Mushrooms

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Please note WA and TAS Customers Aussie Mushrooms kits and spawn have been approved to be imported into these states and all orders have our permit attached to them and there are no restrictions on our products

Please Note TAS importers must fill out a letter of intent to import, we do this as a free service to tas customers

Please note WA customers, sometimes WA customs will inspect the packages and charge an inspection fee, unfortunately, this is something we can not avoid, it doesn't happen often but it may happen to your package   

Please note if you're not ready to start you mushroom kit keep it in the fridge until your ready, or it will keep growing

Pink oysters need to be used right away as they can not be stored in a fridge 

Aussie Mushrooms ready to mushroom kits are  2 to 3 times larger than other sellers kits, meaning you will get 2-3 times more mushrooms!

We have been manufacturing and selling mushroom kits for over 12 years now and supply many farms around Australia wholesale whom fruit the mushrooms for there local markets 

All kits are made in our specialty built class 100 laboratory and guaranteed free from any foreign pathogens, we can offer sterilization certificates when requested and receive yearly inspections to ensure our processes meet the standard required 

Buy with confidence knowing you're getting ta 100% clean product that's safe to travel and be fruited in your homes and workspaces

if you  ever need any help or wholesale pricing for your farm, please contact us at


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