Mushroom Spawn & Cultures Sale Agreement

Mushroom Spawn & Cultures Sale Agreement

1. Product Standard

Aussie Mushroom Supplies selected pure mushroom spawn is constantly screened and maintained to ensure vigorous and high yields. Mushroom quality is a reflection of the environment in which they are grown, and many of these selected cultures originate from the verdant wild woodlands of Australia and imported under strict permits from customs into Australia from commercial culture banks from around the world.

Aussie Mushroom Supplies pure mushroom spawn is grown and stored under tightly controlled laboratory conditions. Our laboratories achieve the category of Class 100 Clean Rooms, meaning they contain fewer than 100 airborne particles per cubic foot of air. Upon request, Aussie Mushroom Supplies can provide a manufacturer's declaration to support the import of our products into other countries such as New Zealand and many more.

Bag weights are checked when manufacturing, but sometimes can be some moisture loss and the mycelium uses some white they're growing and can be +/- 10% in weight 

2. Mushroom Spawn & Kits Use

Your ready to inoculate mushroom spawn will arrive in a 2kg grain or Substrate bag (weights are approximate), both with microporous filters for sufficient gas exchange.

Upon receipt, place your spawn or Kit in the fridge until ready for use (please note pink oyster needs to be stored at 10deg)

Before using take out of the fridge for 24 hours at room temperature before using

Spawn we suggest running mini-trials from your spawn by growing out samples on a suitable substrate. You are cautioned not to rely on the suitability or vigorousness of the strains until you have completed your mini-trials. Upon successful completion of mini-trials, you may grow out the spawn on a suitable substrate. For questions about storage, substrate compatibility, mini-trials or other practical aspects of working with this mycelial spawn, you may contact an Aussie Mushroom Supplies customer service 

3. Shipping times, most listings have an Express post option and if you are more than 2-3days shipping from us it is recommended you order express post, if it doesn't have an express post option please contact us for quotes, 

Aussie Mushrooms is not liable for the stock being stuck in transit for too long if you do not order a fast enough delivery,

during the summer months we recommend ordering refrigerated freight if your more than 2-3 days from us, unfortunately, this is only available on pallet orders 

4. Terms of Sale

All mushroom spawn must be paid in full prior to shipping. Customers are responsible for all shipping, handling, duty and tariff charges. There may be restrictions on the importation of live mushroom cultures to certain destinations, so check with your local customs agents.

Aussie Mushroom Supplies are ready to inoculate pure mushroom spawn prices. Shipping options are updated regularly at

It is the responsibility of the foreign customer to research and fulfil the requirements for the importation of live mushroom mycelium into his or her country. Aussie Mushroom Supplies shall bear no responsibility for the loss or damage of live cultures seized or detained because of improper or missing documentation. International orders returned to Aussie Mushroom Supplies due to any circumstances, will not be refunded except at the sole discretion of Aussie Mushroom Supplies.

To assist Aussie Mushroom Supplies in continuing research and with customer warranty or other questions about mushroom cultures/ spawn, the customer agrees to provide information about Aussie Mushroom Supplies cultures or products when requested. The information you provide will allow us to improve our cultures and customer services.

5. Limited Warranty

Aussie Mushroom Supplies guarantees to our customer that the mushroom culture will be viable upon receiving. We will replace any spawn stored and used according to this agreement if the mushroom culture does not demonstrate vitality and purity during the expansion stage.

If you wish to request replacement spawn, please provide a written explanation of any problems you may be facing in writing to either our mailing address or our email address, We will promptly replace your spawn at no additional charge, subject only to availability. If your culture is no longer available, we will talk with you about providing a suitable replacement species. This spawn is being provided as an educational service and we make no guarantee as to their productivity, usefulness, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise unless stated in this Agreement.

Aussie Mushroom Supplies shall not be responsible for consequential damages or other damages except as specified. This is the sole and exclusive limited warranty provided by Aussie Mushroom Supplies, and the customer agrees that the limit of Aussi Mushroom Supplies liability to the customer shall be the purchase price.

5. Limitation of use of Aussie Mushroom supplies product, “mushroom spawn, Cultures and Mushroom kits” is conditionally delivered subject to your agreement to comply with the following limitation of culture(s) use:

You may not sell, transfer, market or assign Aussie Mushroom Supplies spawn or cultures—or any spawn or cultures subsequently derived therefrom—in any way, shape or form without our written consent.

You may only use these cultures for the selling of fresh and dried whole fruit body products only and for your personal use, other products can be by written agreement only

If you give away any cultures made from our products you are liable for all recovery costs of these cultures and liable for any distribution further made by the person you give them away to.

If you would like to purchase our products for your commercial farm or business please contact us with your full company details and volumes needed per month for wholesale and reseller pricing - 

if you are a reseller wanting to Resell our products this is also by written agreement only please contact us if you are wanting to become a reseller  @ 


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